Meccano will manage the development process to bring the idea to a next level for to market the product. The process of approaching, discussing, negotiating and contracting can be managed by Meccano. A scan will be made on the applicability of the invention if that is not done yet.

Meccano has accumulated substantive experience in supporting designers, inventors and entrepreneurs, and make its experience available to support and optimize each new project always in close collaboration with the designer, inventor or entrepreneur. Anybody with a potentially idea can contact Meccano. This process starts with an intake of the invention, completion of an invention disclosure form, followed by a thorough prior art search and applicability scan. When both are satisfactory and if applicable a patent application is written and submitted by patent attorneys.

  • Screening & Scouting

    Identifying ideas with potential
  • Idea protection

    Evaluating and managing patent protection

  • Licensing

    Identification of licensees, discussing and negotiation of terms

  • Coaching

    Assisting starting companies and entrepreneurs

  • Financing

    Helping to obtain funding, grands to accelerate development

  • Networking

    Matching generated ideas with questions from the market

  • Cooperation

    Evaluation of potential partners, experts, to cooperate with
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